Not long ago, we labelled those with disabilities as ‘invalids.’ Individuals with rheumatic conditions, amputees, and the visually impaired fell under this classification. As people age or engage in physically demanding weight-bearing occupations, such as coal mining—their knees and hips often experience wear and tear. The resulting joint pain severely limits not only the mobility, but also the social life. Now disabled patients move about in wheelchair and walk pain free, thanks to the advent of joint replacement surgery.

Sir John Charnley, an English orthopaedic surgeon, pioneered the hip replacement operation in the 1960s. His groundbreaking technique relieved symptoms of osteoarthritis by removing the femoral head of the hip joint and replacing it with a socket and ball implant made of polythene and steel, anchored with acrylic cement. This procedure has since become the standard for hip replacement worldwide. Since then significant changes were made in the techniques and implant materials used for hip and knee replacement. Hips and knees are replaced most often in joint replacement surgery. Additionally, other joints that can be replaced include the shoulder, fingers, ankles and elbows.

Hip replacements are generally successful, with 90-95% of patients experiencing significant pain relief and improved mobility. Modern implants can last 15-20 years or more. Knee replacements also have a high success rate, with most patients experiencing pain reduction and better function. Longevity of Knee implants typically last 10-20 years

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With over four decades in the medical field, my journey has led me to a fulfilling role recruiting patients for Joint Replacement Surgery in India, leveraging my expertise as a seasoned FRCS-certified doctor. I have worked many years in joint replacement surgery and as such I can guide patients for the best result, in a cost-effective way, in hospitals like Rajagiri Hospital, Kochi. India. Unlike the NHS, there is no need to wait, patients can revisit their pain free everyday life within months.

At the core of my practice is a commitment to patient-entered care, aiming to enhance the well-being of adults while embracing the values and mission of my current organization. My proficiency in Malayalam and Hindi aids in empathetically connecting with a diverse patient population, fostering trust and personalized care.

Rajagiri  Hospital, Kochi, India is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) with the gold seal for complying with the highest international standards on patient safety and quality of care. The hospital is also accredited by NABH, NABL and NABH certification for Nursing Excellence. The operating theaters are Green OT certified by Bureau Veritas and have received ISO 22000:2005 & Halal certification for its Food & Beverages services.
Rajagiri Hospital distinguishes itself being the best suitable centre for knee and hip surgery. The hospital has the state of the art surgical and investigative equipments, experienced English speaking clinical and nursing teams.

Normally, after joint replacement surgery, patients leave the hospital by 3–5 days. Then they need physiotherapy to rebuild wasted muscles and regain balance. Rajagiri Hospital has excellent accommodation and supporting staff. Those who read this, or those who have relatives or friends requiring joint replacement surgery, can get the benefit of this scheme by contacting me. ( 07875508429. As age advances, the physical fitness will go down, therefore, get operated as early as possible.

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Dr.Chembukkavu George FRCS

This blog is about my experience as a doctor working in various countries in different clinical set up. This experience spans through 45 years, in which I acquired a lot of favourable contacts and unfavourable encounters. I shall dig deep into them and make it interesting to the readers. Unlike others in the profession, I worked as a community medical officer in a remote areas, prison medical officer, benefit service medical officer, in cardiac surgery in prestigious institutions and as a private doctor. I was managing my own businesses, and real estate in three continents. I hope the information I impart will be valuable to the like minded readers.

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