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Covid-19 Vaccine On The Horizon

  Covid-19 Vaccine On The Horizon We had a lot of excitement when we heard about the invention of a vaccine for Covid-19. The world has been ravaged by coronavirus and the virus has taken more than 1.2 million human lives since March 2020. The pandemic has affected our livelihoods, social well being and now we live in a  new  normal way. We accept that the virus will not be extinct from the face of the earth and the only way to beat the virus is by inventing a vaccine, To achieve this,167 vaccine projects were set up globally, 72% of these projects were being led by pharmaceutical companies and the remaining 28% were managed by academics, public health and non profit organizations. The drug company Pfizer working together wit h German biotechnology  company BioNTech  has invented a vaccine for coronavirus which they claim to be 90% successful. For developing a vaccine for any micro organism, the developer has to go through different stages, and normally it can take over ten years to ge