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An Overview Of Aesthetic Medicine

  An Overview Of Aesthetic Medicine   Human beings are known to take care of their physical appearance for centuries, by masking scars, wearing dentures and dying hair. Aesthetic medicine evolved through centuries and Egyptian history gives evidence that ancient physicians had  treatment regime to enhance the look of Pharaohs about 5000 years ago. Aesthetic medicine is a fast growing money making sector of healthcare. The demand for aesthetic medicine in the US increases 7.4% every year since 2016, driven by ageing population struggling to maintain the appearance of youth. Non surgical procedures are often practised by laymen in house parties, hairdressers and other poorly qualified NHS or other healthcare staff, whose activities are not still stringently regulated. Although there are Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulations on practising any type of healthcare provision, it is not enforced and few are prosecuted. Keeping up one’s appearance is very important for one’s vanity, social