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Fascinating Concept Of Body Language

Fascinating Concept Of Body Language Body language is a term familiar to most people and most people take advantage of body language in everyday life. Body language is non verbal communication prior to someone articulates, and gives an idea about what is there in the mind of the other person. American president, George Bush senior once used the phrase “ read my lips, no new taxes” in the 1988 Republican National Convention, indicating that even lips are capable of conveying messages.Through body language one person grasps the emotional state such as happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, excitement, fear, confusion of the other person. Non-verbal communication is very primitive,and animals and birds communicate through it. In the Bible (Genesis 11:1-9), we read how God confounded the people who were until then speaking one language in the process of building the Tower of Babel as tall as the sky. Since they lost the ease of communication through a single language, they managed to communi…