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Covid-19 Burning Questions Answered

Covid-19 Burning Questions AnsweredIt has been reported that the coronavirus is again spreading exponentially in the North of England. In cities like Manchester and Liverpool, the infection has escalated to the level of up to 600 per ten thousand people. Hospital admissions have reached (10/10/2020) over 550 and death over 80 per day. Countries in Europe such as Belgium, Spain, France, and even Germany are reporting a resurgence in covid-19 cases after successfully slowing outbreaks early in the year. In this blog, I would like to address the worries of laymen on the effectiveness of lockdown, face mask, Covid-19 test interpretation and morphology of Coronavirus.Should the government impose another lockdown or allow the coronavirus to run its course? The UK had a nationwide lockdown through a statute on 23rd March 2020. In China strict lockdown rules have massively reduced the virus transmission. In Singapore  and other Far East countries, lockdown helped to reduce the spread. In the …