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Foreign Shady Tycoons Making London Their Home

Foreign Shady Tycoons Making London Their HomeWhen it comes to reputation, Britain ranks the first in the league of countries known for trust, fairness, rule of law and compassion. As a child living in India, I always had high admiration for England, because of their tenacity, perseverance, resolve and sacrifice to set up East India Company and then build an empire on which the sun never sets. The empire had establishments in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and numerous islands across the world. This helped to unite most of the countries of the world through English language. Whilst working in Nigeria, I was doing a lot of surgical operations. Then I thought of moving to this great country to pursue my career by taking fellowship in surgery. When I arrived in the UK in 1981, things were not as rosy, as I thought. I had huge difficulty in getting jobs in surgical specialities mainly because the jobs were reserved for the professor’s acquaintances and cronies, but advertised in British M…