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All About Current Tests For Coronavirus

  All About Current Tests For Coronavirus     Currently the government is facing massive pressure on lack of facility for coronavirus testing. Distressingly, the ‘R’ has climbed from 0.8 one month back to 1.4 today.The health secretary , Matt Hancock on a TV interview today (18 th  September 2020) put that the testing will be massively ramped up by the end of October 2020. He also commented that some of the people  not  strictly adhering to the basic preventative methods like social distancing, wearing face masks in enclosed areas and washing hands with soap and water scrupulously resulted in their seeking for Covid-19 test. In the parliament, Jacob Rees Mogg dismissed testing shambles and wanted to stop ‘endless carping’ over the test availability. The research shows that a lot of people repeatedly take tests because they do not strictly adhere to regulations. At the same time the authority in charge of the testing should have foreseen the spurt of infection on school reopening and on

An Appraisal Of My Medical Officer Post In Prisons

An Appraisal Of My Medical Officer Post    In Prisons A lot of people will be inquisitive of how incarcerated prisoners get medical treatment in a secluded environment. Watching movies on prisoners life will not show much about the working in prison healthcare system. In this blog I shall explain my experience as a prison medical officer managing healthcare issues of prisoners in a prison environment. That was in early 2000, I got a phone call from a stranger who introduced himself as Dr.Ranasingha, a friend of my colleague Dr.Ali, who used to work with me in the Benefits Agency Medical Services. Both of them were from Srilanka, and after introducing himself, Dr.Ranasinghe told that he was working in Rochester Prison. He enquired whether I was interested in working in the prison to cover for his holidays. At that time I was not having any idea about the role of a doctor in the prison environment.    After a while I rang back Dr.Ranasinghe and told him that I was interested in the post,