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Real Estate Selling In India And Repatriation Of Fund

Real Estate Selling In India And Repatriation Of Fund      In my earlier blog, I have narrated the difficult process of buying a property in India together with some interesting anecdotes. After a year of purchase of the property,I was so pleased as the prices started going up. When I was in India the following year, the same broker contacted me and asked me whether I was interested in selling the property. Those days, my intention was to construct a house, once I return from Nigeria, therefore I told the broker very clearly that I had no intention of selling it. When I received UK citizenship in early 1990s, I changed my mind about constructing a house. Then I thought of constructing a multi storey high rising tower, as an investment. I worked out the financing from bank and selling the flats at the launch of the project to recuperate the borrowed money. I discussed about the construction with a consultancy, who enumerated various regulations in obtaining the licenses and permits. The