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Ups And Downs Of My Medical Student Life

    Ups And Downs Of My Medical Student  Life               I n my earlier blogs I mentioned about my going to Davanagere, Karnataka state, India to study medicine. That was the first time I left my home, living alone and looking after my affairs my own.  I cannot present the incidents or experiences in a light hearted way, because doing so will be less factual.The life in Davangere was not a bed of roses, as I had to face problems one after another. Moreover, my father was only sending Indian Rupees 150 per month through his business partner, Shetty, and every month ritually I had to go to his shop at Mandipet to collect the amount in cash.I had  to adjust all expenses within that amount during 1967 to 1971 period. As written before, a good percentage of medical students in capitation fee paying medical colleges are not there for studying, but to satisfy the ego of their parents, who brag about their sons or daughters were budding doctors. Medical profession is reckoned to be respectf