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My meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron

  My meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron As a teenager, I was interested in politics and had involved in students union activities. Those days my father used to boast about his friendship with the central government minister Mr. A. M. Thomas, and once in Delhi, he took me to his official residence. I then thought of the day when I will get that privilege to meet dignitaries.  I was working in Nigeria since 1976 as a doctor in a community hospital. My employer, Mbadiwe was a political leader and as an adviser to the head of state of Nigeria. In 1978, the hospital in Nigeria    was visited by Mr.Olusegon    Obasanjo, the head of state of Nigeria. Mr.Obasanjo came to power through a    military coup organised by his predecessor.Then, I had an occasion to meet Mr.Obasanjo with his entourage and take him around the hospital.  After settling in the UK in 1981, I could not involve in politics as I was busy with my clinical work and my studying for the fellowship in surgery. But

My Journey Through Becoming A Land Owner First Time

     My J ourney T hrough B ecoming A   L and Owner  F irst T ime   From 1976 onwards, I was working in  community hospitals in Nigeria.Each time I visit Thrissur, India, my parents used to extol the virtues of owning a plot of land and building one' s house there. They were of the opinion that the property prices will go only one way, that is upwards only! When I visited Thrissur in 1979,I determined to buy a plot of land with a view to construct a house later. I engaged   several real estate brokers who showed me different types of properties. Normally they get   2.5% brokerage from the buyer  and  2.5% from the seller. The se brokers  do not have any established business or real estate shop. Unlike in the western countries, the brokers do not keep any sale sign board.I learned from real estate experts about  choosing  properties. I realised that the location and the potential for growth of the locality are more important than the d├ęcor  or size of the house . Also I was advised