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A Cross Section Of My Gloomy Life In Davanagere

  A cross section of my gloomy life in Davanagere    I secured a medical seat in JJM Medical College at Davanagere, Karnataka, India. I was prepared for the tough and disciplined life of a medical student for the next five years.In August 1967, I travelled by train to go to Davanagere.My father had arranged for my accommodation with a merchant, Savanna Shetty, at Davangere and I arrived at the address in Mandipet in a horse carriage . The room was on the first floor without any furniture, windows but there was a bed on the floor. To go to the toilet I have to go downstairs in the common facility. That night was very miserable, the next day morning I contacted the college authorities to get a hostel room. Unfortunately, the authorities could not help me as the college had not yet finished the construction of a hostel. They directed me to a private lodging called PJ Extension and I was given accommodation in a double room. The rent was high in that lodging set up, and I have to squeeze o