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My Vivid Memories On Pets And Animals

  My Vivid Memories On Pets And Animals  I have had a close association with animals and I am an advocate for their welfare. Once someone keeps an animal, he/she has to look after it properly, and should not develop a soft power over it.That was the advice given to me by my late mother. We moved from Cochin to Trichur (then) in 1956, as my father bought our ancestral property in the town centre. Those days my father used to come once in a week only, as he was running a wholesale grocery shop at Cochin.In my childhood at Trichur, from 1958 we had    chicken housed in a chicken coop, goats in shelter and cattle in a wide shed with facility for feeding hay.We had a servant, called Velayudhan those days, but I was in overall charge of the animals. It was a great responsibility to look after them, feed them on time, clean the shelter, maintain hygiene and call a vet if they are unwell.I was particularly fond of the mother goat, which was white in colour with brown patch. I let the goats go

A Timely Intervention To Save Life

  A Timely Intervention To Save Life  First aid and resuscitation procedures are basic skills one should learn and refresh periodically. Whilst practising, I was required to attend courses on Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic life support. One of the life support manoeuvres is Heimlich manoeuvre or abdominal thrust, practised to dislodge food or other object caught in the throat causing choking. This may cause airway obstruction with catastrophic outcome. In my experience, there was an occasion, I have to do it to save my friend from a distressing situation. This happened in Saudi Arabia(KSA) in 1987, soon after my qualification as the Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons(FRCS). I was offered a surgeon’s job in King Khalid Military Hospital, Jeddah, KSA in October 1987. I accepted it because I thought it would be an exposure to a different set up in a different country. The employer sent a ticket advice and arranged for me to have KSA visa stamped on my passport. I arrived in Jedd

The Medical Reasons for Covid-19 Vulnerability

  The Medical Reasons for Covid-19 Vulnerability   Corona virus has been in the news for over seven months, and today we hear that Russian scientists have invented a vaccine. Dr. Anthony Fauci ,  the American physician and immunologist is very sceptical about the Russian claim, as Russians are second to none on propaganda. Only an effective vaccine can harness the destructive reign of the pandemic. History teaches that the Spanish flu pandemic is estimated to have killed 50 million and infected 500 million people between 1918 and 1919 . So far the Covid-19 pandemic has killed 800000, therefore the pandemic has not reached its potential .   When we consider morbidity and mortality, the elderly bear the brunt, while children are hardly affected. Those who are over 80 years with the Covid-19, 15% are destined to die. They are also more likely to be admitted to a hospital and might end up on a ventilator. In the UK, the government guideline was to shield over 65 year old  people  till 01-0

Guardian Angel in the form of a co-passenger

  Gu ardian Angel in the form of a co-passenger     I was offered a medical officer’s job by Mr.Mbadiwe, the chief of the Community Hospital, near Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria, contract exchanged, visa to Nigeria and ticket advice sent to Air India Ernakulum, Kerala, India. Mr.Mbadiwe had promised to send a representative to receive me at Lagos airport. Those days communication to Nigeria, through phone was impossible and the postal correspondence used to take two to four weeks. I posted a letter showing my arrival details to Mr.Mbadiwe, at least two weeks prior to my departure date. My parents bid farewell at Cochin Airport and I boarded my first flight on 29/07/1976. That was a small 50 seater Fokker Friendship aircraft bound to Bombay(then). My cousin, Kochu Devassy met me in Santa Cruz airport, and I got accommodation in nearby Centaur Hotel. The Nairobi bound flight was early morning of 30/07/1976.  Then  I was a stranger to all the departure formalities like immigration, customs and