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Memory Of My Dreadful Experience In A Train Journey

Memory Of My Dreadful Experience In A Train Journey    That was probably in 1954, when my cousin took me back home at  Mattancherry, Cochin  (then), Kerala, India  by train. I was then six years old, and my cousin was over ten years older than me who took me to Irinjalakuda,  40 miles away from Cochin. The dreadful   incident happened on our way back travelling by train. My cousin was very fond of celebrating colourful  Irinjalakuda church festival. I showed my enthusiasm in going with my cousin to Irinjalakuda church festival. My cousin persuaded  my parents to allow me to go with him, as it was a unique opportunity to meet other cousins, see the fireworks and church illumination. Those days I was more interested in travelling, especially by train than  enjoying  church festival. My parents agreed, and my father gave strict instructions on looking after me. I stayed a couple of days in my maternal grandparents house in the centre of Irinjalakuda. My cousin took me to the church on Sat

An appraisal of Covid-19 pandemic on an international perspective.

 An appraisal of Covid-19 pandemic on an international perspective.       As on the 07 th  August 2020,in the whole world 19.6 million people were infected by the corona virus and 715,000 people have died. Country wise, the US lost the maximum at 160000 people but their per million mortality rate is only 488.53. Considering per million mortality rate,Belgium ranks the first at 863.33 per million.This is closely followed by the United Kingdom where the per million rate is 698.06, then Peru at 638.46 and followed by Spain at 609.97 as per today’s statistics. One of the countries claimed to be having no mortality or infection is North Korea bearing in mind that the regime suppress all unfavourable data. Pacific Islands are said to be without corona virus infection. Although an autocratic state, the reports from Vietnam is more credible than North Korea, where the total mortality is only10, and the per million rate is only 0.1!. If true, it is a good record, bearing in mind the country is

Corona virus attacks not just the lungs!

  Corona virus attacks not just the lungs! Now we are increasingly hearing that post, convalescent patients experience bizarre symptoms like inability to smell, ringing sensation in ears, burning sensation,diarrhoea, cardiac irregularities, deep vein thrombosis, stroke, disorientation and so on. Normally after a severe viral infection, one can get post viral fatigue syndrome causing excessive sleep and weakness of the body. In fact this RNA virus is more virulent and inflicts more tissue damage. Corona virus with its spike protein, attaches to specific receptor known as ACE2 ( Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2) on the surface of the cell. This helps the virus to pass through into the cell. The virus turns the cell into a factory producing millions of viruses. This can be breathed out causing infection to others. One unique disastrous feature of the corona virus infection is that it does not evoke a distress response in the cell to produce antibody immediately. ACE2 receptors are not only

Dr.H.Adenwalla, the smile maker doctor

Dr.H.Adenwalla, the smile maker through years   I knew Dr.Adenwalla personally, when I worked in Jubilee mission Hospital, Trichur (then), Kerala, India through my working in general Surgery, in 1974-1975 period. He joined JMH, in 1958 as a young doctor who was then all in all, doing casualty work, setting fractures, and doing general surgical and ENT work in a restricted space and limited technical resources set up. Since then, the growth of JMH was phenomenal, and now it is a teaching hospital with many blocks of multi storey buildings. When I worked there were other two surgeons, both of them also from Bombay, and two junior doctors. Everyday he starts early at 8 am dressed in his white shots, T shirt, and with his Integral round lens spectacles. After the out patient clinics, he goes for a ward round, which is very elaborate, time consuming and one should have a lot of patience to follow him. So is the case in assisting abdominal surgical operations, and plastic surgical operations

How does 90 minutes Covid-19 test work?

One of the readers of my blog would like to know more about the 90 minute rapid test for Corona virus test to be rolled out by the U.K. government. Kits are to be made by London-based DNANudge, and will be launched next month. It analyses DNA in nose swabs but saves time as the results do not need to be sent to a laboratory. I do not know how it works as the coronavirus is  a RNA VIRUS with URACIL nucleobase.I understand it works by DNA polymerase.In Coronavirus RNA    virus mapping Uracil (U) is one of four chemical bases that are part of RNA. The other three bases are adenine (A), cytosine (C), and guanine (G). In DNA, the base is thymine (T). The advocates of this 90 minutes    test claim that unlike Polymerase Chain Reaction test (PCR) false positive and negative are fewer. Like quarantine, social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, testing is also very important tool to track down the contacts, and isolate them. Therefore testing is the most significant ammunition to tackle

My Life Since Retirement

My Life Since Retirement I received a lot of response from my contacts, when I sent them messages to promote my blog website. I have not heard from most of them for a while. One thing they are all asking is about my activities in Covid-19 period. Let me explain everything in perspective. I retired from my professional life in the end of September 2019. Although there is an option to retain the General Medical Council (GMC) registration, I preferred to relinquish my registration, as world explorers burn their boats when they discover a new island or a continent, so that they would not have the temptation or the means to go back. Together with the registration, I cancelled the medical malpractice insurance (MDU) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration. As the pandemic was raging, the government thought of bringing back doctors who have retired up to two years back, anticipating there would be more need for healthcare staff. I received a formal letter from the GMC on 27th March