The Medical Reasons for Covid-19 Vulnerability


The Medical Reasons for Covid-19 Vulnerability


Corona virus has been in the news for over seven months, and today we hear that Russian scientists have invented a vaccine. Dr.Anthony Fauci, the American physician and immunologist is very sceptical about the Russian claim, as Russians are second to none on propaganda. Only an effective vaccine can harness the destructive reign of the pandemic. History teaches that the Spanish flu pandemic is estimated to have killed 50 million and infected 500 million people between 1918 and 1919. So far the Covid-19 pandemic has killed 800000, therefore the pandemic has not reached its potential.


When we consider morbidity and mortality, the elderly bear the brunt, while children are hardly affected. Those who are over 80 years with the Covid-19, 15% are destined to die. They are also more likely to be admitted to a hospital and might end up on a ventilator. In the UK, the government guideline was to shield over 65 year old people till 01-08-2020.Other group of people disproportionately more affected include, Black, Asian, and minority ethnic(BAME), people with diabetes, obesity, cardiac diseases, chronic obstructive airway disease (COPD) , kidney diseases and cancer patients. In Chicago, 72% of the people who died out of Covid-19 was from the black community.


As age advances, there will be genetic changes which reduce the immunity. Immunity is the inherent capacity of the body to produce antibody and ‘T’ cells. In old age, one is more likely to get diseases like cancer which may be due to genetic changes, hypertension, chronic obstructive airway disease (COPD), kidney diseases and so on. Lifestyle changes like living alone can cause depression and lack of personal hygiene. Both are known to compromise immunity. Conditions like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, poor nutrition and the intake of multiple medication also reduce immunity. BAME community are more prone to get Covid-19 because of their poor living conditions,multiple occupancy households, lack of nutritious food, and living with co morbid conditions as above. The UK government has appointed a commission to look into the reasons for the increased incidence of mortality and morbidity.


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