My life since retirement

I received a lot of response from my contacts, when I sent them messages to promote my blog website. I have not heard from most of them for a while. One thing they are all asking is about my activities in Covid-19 period. Let me explain everything in perspective. I retired from my professional life in the end of September 2019. Although there is an option to retain the General Medical Council registration, I preferred to relinquish my registration, as world explorers burn their boats when they discover a new island or a continent, so that they would not have the the means to go back. Together with the registration, I cancelled the medical malpractice insurance and the Care Quality Commission registration. As the pandemic was raging, the government thought of bringing back doctors who have retired up to two years back, anticipating there would be more need for healthcare staff. I received a formal letter from the GMC on 27th March 2020, that I have been conferred the registration as part of the response to coronavirus pandemic. Since then the NHS authorities contacted me, to know in what capacity I could work in the NHS. As I did not have much of a vocation, to go back to hospitals, I informed I would do medical work through virtual media. For this I did not get a reply yet, since March 2020! As there was little prospects with the NHS, and I was getting a lot of phone calls from would be patients, I thought I would do virtual consultation as a service to the community, anticipating free medical malpractice insurance. I arranged a web designing company to set up a website for virtual consultation. I spoke to an adviser in the malpractice company, who told that the government had agreed to provide free insurance cover. Meanwhile, I had contacted my old private patients, reassuring them that I would be available at their beck and call, during the pandemic. But after a week, I was surprised to receive another letter from the malpractice insurance underwriter, vaguely putting that the company would not cover for the private work. I wrote back again, but again the company sent another ambiguous letter, not mentioning the government assurance to cover malpractice insurance. In the light of this development, I thought I would not hazard such endeavour of virtual consultation, which has the potential to lead to claims and litigation. Still I get enquiries from public regarding their healthcare issues, and I have to turn them down. Now I spend time in gardening, going out for a walk, writing, social contacting and above all waiting for the rainbow to appear!


  1. We're proud of you uncle. One of the gems of our family who has achieved a lot both in personal and professional front. And


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