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How does 90 minutes Covid-19 test work?

One of the readers of my blog would like to know more about the 90 minute rapid test for Corona virus test to be rolled out by the U.K. government.Kits are to be made by London-based DNANudge, and will be launched next month. It analyses DNA in nose swabs but saves time as the results do not need to be sent to a laboratory. I do not know how it works as the coronavirus is a RNA VIRUS with URACIL nucleobase.I understand it works by DNA polymerase.In Coronavirus RNA virus mapping Uracil (U) is one of four chemical bases that are part of RNA. The other three bases are adenine (A), cytosine (C), and guanine (G). In DNA, the base is thymine (T). The advocates of this 90 minutes test claim that unlike Polymerase Chain Reaction test (PCR) false positive and negative are fewer. Like quarantine, social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks, testing is also very important tool to track down the contacts, and isolate them. Therefore testing is the most significant ammunition to tackle the spr…

My life since retirement

I received a lot of response from my contacts, when I sent them messages to promote my blog website. I have not heard from most of them for a while. One thing they are all asking is about my activities in Covid-19 period. Let me explain everything in perspective. I retired from my professional life in the end of September 2019. Although there is an option to retain the General Medical Council registration, I preferred to relinquish my registration, as world explorers burn their boats when they discover a new island or a continent, so that they would not have the the means to go back. Together with the registration, I cancelled the medical malpractice insurance and the Care Quality Commission registration. As the pandemic was raging, the government thought of bringing back doctors who have retired up to two years back, anticipating there would be more need for healthcare staff. I received a formal letter from the GMC on 27th March 2020, that I have been conferred the registration as pa…

A Brief encounter with Princess Diana

It was on a Wednesday morning on the 30th September 1992, then HRH Princess of Wales visited Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro. I was then working in Accident and Emergency. On my way to the canteen through the basement, I noticed strange, people in  uniform checking bins, clinical waste and sewers.Since it was unusual, I asked one of them what was going on and I was told that Princess Diana was visiting the hospital and they are just doing the security checking. I have never been a fan of monarchy and naturally I forgot all about the conversation. I started to work, but I could nod avoid noticing well dressed female staff. In Royal Cornwall Hospital, the well designed A&E area has four  cubicles on either side with a wide middle area. In between the first and second cubicle on the left, there is a passage into the resuscitation room. Usually patients are seen again, in the cubicles after the necessary investigations. I noticed that my male patient with injury to the left foot was …