Living with the pandemic

It has been over six months since the whole world has been under the threat of corona virus. The covid-19 started in China and gradually it spread to most of the countries. So far 17 million people have contracted the disease and 670000 people died due to the disease. Mortality is more in elderly, ethnic minorities, male sex and immune compromised people. The pandemic has severely affected everyday life,earning capacity of people and economy of all countries affected. Although there is progress in developing a vaccine, it is not yet in the market. The virus is capable of replicating in adverse conditions, and expected to mutate and can come back in a second wave. Evaluating all aspects of the nature of the virus and pandemic, it is going to be with the mankind for an unforeseeable period. Tried and tested measures like quarantine, social distancing, washing hands, and now mandatory face masking are to be accepted as part of everyday life. People have to mould their life according to unpredictable conditions and changing government regulations. It is sad that people have surrendered a lot of freedom, and social life has reduced next to zero. 


Working Of The Coronavirus Intensive Care Unit

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